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+============================================ downloaded from archive.org




+<< On June 1, 1996 Grady Ward announced that the fruits of the Moby

+project were being placed in the public domain:


+    The Moby lexicon project is complete and has

+    been place into the public domain. Use, sell,

+    rework, excerpt and use in any way on any platform.


+    Placing this material on internal or public servers is

+    also encouraged. The compiler is not aware of any

+    export restrictions so freely distribute world-wide.


+    You can verify the public domain status by contacting


+    Grady Ward

+    3449 Martha Ct.

+    Arcata, CA  95521-4884


+    daedal@myrealbox.com >>



+============================================== original readme.txt below



+17 May 93


+Copy all the files on all the disks to a folder on your hard disk

+(make sure you have at two (4) megabytes of free space on

+your hard disk for each disk of Moby product).

+Change your current directory ('CD') to that folder,

+type BUILD and press (enter).

+The files that are extracted may be viewed and edited by

+any capable text-editor, such as Microsoft Word 5.x.


+Moby (tm) Words II Documentation Notes


+This documentation, the software and/or database are:


+Copyright (c) 1988-93, Grady Ward. All Rights Reserved.

+3449 Martha Ct.

+Arcata, CA  95521-4884  USA

+(707) 826-7715 (voice/24-hr 7 day FAX)



+License Agreement

+This documentation, software and/or database was developed

+and copyrighted by Grady Ward and is licensed, not sold, to

+you on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis. The documentation,

+software and/or database and derivative works of this database

+may not be copied in whole or part except for archival purposes

+as provided by law. If you have purchased the commercial license,

+Grady Ward explicitly grants you the limited right to create and

+market data structures or knowledge bases derived this work

+without further payment of a license fee, as long as the purpose

+and effect of that data structure or knowledge base is other than

+re-distributing that Grady Ward data structure or database. (In

+other words, you can freely distribute data structures based upon

+any or all of this work as long as you take reasonable care to

+prevent unlicensed persons and organizations from accessing

+the ASCII source.)


+Willful copyright violations are both a civil and a criminal offense [17USC500]


+Disclaimer of Warranty


+This documentation, software and/or database is sold "as is"

+and without express or implied warranties as to performance

+or merchantability for a particular purpose.The user is advised

+to test the documentation, software and/or database thoroughly

+before relying on it. The user assumes the entire risk of using

+this documentation, software and/or database and any liability

+of seller or manufacturer will be limited to product replacement

+or refund of the license fee.


+Moby (tm) Words II for the MSDOS operating system is compressed

+and distributed on two 1.4MB double-sided diskettes. After

+self-extraction, the vocabulary files included with this product

+are in ordinary ASCII format with CRLF (ASCII 13/10) delimiters.




+354,984 single words

+Over 354,000 single words, excluding proper names, acronyms,

+or compound words and phrases. This list does not exclude archaic

+words or significant variant spellings.


+256,772 compound words

+Over 256,700 hyphenated or other entries containing more

+than one word as well as all capitalized words and acronyms.

+Phrases were considered 'common' if they or variations of them

+occur in standard dictionaries or thesauruses.


+113,809 official crosswords

+A list of words permitted in crossword games such as Scrabble(tm).

+Compatible with the first edition of the Official Scrabble Players

+Dictionary(tm). Since this list has all forms: -ing, -ed, -s, and so on

+of words, it makes a good addition when building a custom spelling dictionary.


+4,160 official crosswords delta

+When combined with the 113,809 crosswords file, it produces the

+official crossword list compatible with the second edition of the

+Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.  (Scrabble is a registered

+trademark of Milton-Bradley licensed to Merriam-Webster.)


+74,550 common dictionary words

+A list of words in common with two or more published dictionaries.

+This gives the developer of a custom spelling checker a good beginning

+pool of relatively common words.


+21,986 names

+This database contains the most common names used in the

+United States and Great Britain. Spelling checkers may want to

+supplement their basic word list with this one.


+4,946 female names

+frequent given names of females in English speaking countries


+3,897 male names

+frequent given names of males in English speaking countries


+10,196 places

+a large selection of place names in the United States


+1,000 by frequency

+This file consists of the 1,000 most frequently used

+English words from a wide variety of common texts listed

+in decreasing order of frequency


+1,000 by frequency internet

+This file consists of the 1,000 most frequently used

+English words as used on the Internet computer network in 1992.


+6,213 acronyms

+common acronyms & abbreviations


+1,185 King James Version frequent substrings

+The most frequently occurring 1,185 substrings in the King James

+Version Bible ranked and counted by order of frequency.


+467 current fiction substrings

+The most frequently occurring 467 substrings occurring in a

+best-selling novel by Amy Tan in 1990.


+USA Constitution

+The Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights

+and all amendments current to 1993.


+NOTE: Accents have been stripped from words, e.g., 'etude'

+does not mark the accent on the initial 'e'.