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tildecoin is a fun currency simulation concept originally written for the tildeverse. rtcoin is the second-generation implementation, meant to improve upon the first. The specifications set forth in the draft RFC for tildecoin, written by ~aewens, will be followed:

This project is in early development.



If you'd like to help out, the current build dependencies are:

  • libsqlcipher-dev

If you're interested, I'm working on the development plan here: PLAN.md. I'll update this when it's finished.

rtcoin uses a client-server architecture, per the RFC.

Initial work is being done on rtcoin-server, which will handle connections to clients, client authentication, and manage the ledger as a table in a SQLite v3 database. Afterwards, work will move to rtcoin-client, which will be what users interact with to display their balances, transfer tildecoin to other users, etc.



I took a short break to handle some things IRL that needed to be done and have since resumed development. Time to hack away!


I've decided on prompting for the database password on rtcoin-server startup. This was a compromise that took into account implementation complexity, security, and user experience with respect to controlling the server.