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        <p>Welcome to! This is an public-access machine in the <a href="">tildeverse</a> whose purpose is to provide a space for people to experiment with the <code>OpenBSD</code> operating system. A variety of editors, shells, and compilers are installed to allow for development in a native <code>OpenBSD</code> environment. OpenBSD's <code>httpd(8)</code> is configured with <code>slowcgi(8)</code> as the fastcgi provider and <code>sqlite3</code> is available. This allows users to experiment with web development using compiled <code>CGI</code> in <code>C</code> (or any statically-linked binary). For more information on this, see the  <a href="">BCHS</a> site.</p>
        <p>User sites are accessible via <code>https://&lt;user&gt;</code></p>
        <p style="margin-top:-1.0rem">A list of user gopher sites is available at <code>gopher://</code></p>
        <p>The mailing list will be the primary means of communication between admins and users regarding announcements and critical issues. Web archive and <a href="">subscribing information available here</a>.</p>
        <p>We have a local <code>GitBucket</code> instance for users to enjoy, available here: <a href=""></a>.</p>
        <p>The list of compilers and interpreters available are as follows:</p>
                <li><code>brainf*ck 2.7.1</code></li>
                <li><code>clang 7.0.1</code></li>
                <li><code>clisp 2.49</code></li>
                <li><code>clojure 1.10</code></li>
                <li><code>elixir 1.8.1</code></li>
                <li><code>erlang 21</code></li>
                <li><code>gcc 8.3.0 (includes Objective-C support)</code></li>
                <li><code>gforth 0.7.3</code></li>
                <li><code>ghc 8.2.2</code></li>
                <li><code>gnat 8.3.0</code></li>
                <li><code>go 1.13</code></li>
                <li><code>guile 1.8.8</code></li>
                <li><code>jdk (environment setup required)</code></li>
                <li><code>lua 5.3.5</code></li>
                <li><code>mono 5.18.1</code></li>
                <li><code>nasm 2.14.02</code></li>
                <li><code>nim 1.0.4</code></li>
                <li><code>node.js 10.15</code></li>
                <li><code>perl 5.28.1</code></li>
                <li><code>php 7.3</code></li>
                <li><code>python (2.7 &amp; 3.6)</code></li>
                <li><code>racket 7.2</code></li>
                <li><code>rakudo 2018.12</code></li>
                <li><code>ruby 2.5 (and 2.6)</code></li>
                <li><code>rust 1.33 (1.37 will be available after November 2019's release of OpenBSD 6.6)</code></li>
                <li><code>scala 2.12.3</code></li>
                <li><code>yasm 1.3.0</code></li>
            <p>Your interactive shell can be changed with the <code>chsh</code> command. The shells available:</p>
                <li><code>/bin/ksh (default)</code></li>
	    <p>The IRC clients available by default are:</p>
        <p>Feel free to contact the admins via <a href=""></a> or on IRC in <code>#institute</code> if you need another package installed, or if you would like your homepage's index changed from <code>index.html</code> to something else (<code>index.cgi</code>, <code>index.php</code>, etc).</p>
        <div id="news">
            <h1>News &amp; Updates</h1>
            <em>2019 September 15</em>
            <p>New GitBucket instance available at <a href=""></a>. Enjoy!</p>
            <em>2019 July 30</em>
            <p>The server migration happened over the weekend, and there were very few issues resulting from the migration. Success!</p>
            <em>2019 July 04</em>
            <p>We'll be moving to a much larger and more powerful server soon! Currently building it. We're hoping to have everything ready for next week.</p>
            <em>2019 June 06</em>
            <p>Wow, we've hit 150 users! Also, we'll be upgrading to OpenBSD 6.5 on Monday evening around 10:00 PM US Eastern Time, or 2:00 AM UTC (Tuesday).</p>
            <em>2019 March 14</em>
            <p>Welcome to the team, Kneezle!</p>