cgit-darkDark/light theme for cgit (using prefers-color-scheme)Paper <>2 months
chrootScript to properly setup and destroy a chroot environmentPaper <>41 hours
drist-diffSee what is different from files/ drist folder on the serverPaper <>2 months
mdrunwatch for changes in a markdown file and render HTML from itPaper <>2 months
miniiceCreate "standalone" apps from websites using firefoxPaper <>40 hours
modernized-vimModern vim colorschemePaper <>2 months
otpSimple OTP command-line scriptPaper <>2 months
peertube-dlScript to download videos from peertubePaper <>2 months
readability-cliExtract content of webpagesPaper <>2 months
recrss-dlRecRSS feed readerPaper <>5 days
recrss-wuiRecRSS Web UI clientPaper <>5 days
screenshotScript for easier screenshots on WaylandPaper <>5 weeks
tamiasLocal article archiverPaper <>2 months