araAra is a simple cli program that prints Covid-19 statsAndinus <>7 weeks
cetusCetus is a simple wallpaper setting tool written in GoAndinus <>3 months
cruxCrux is a wallpaper manager written in PerlAndinus <>3 months
grusGrus is a simple word unjumbler written in GoAndinus <>3 months
leoLeo is a simple backup programAndinus <>2 weeks
lynxLynx is a simple unveil(2) & pledge(2) wrapperAndinus <>
lyraLyra is a simple cli program to manage fortune filesAndinus <>3 weeks
orionOrion is a simple program to check for compromised passwords using Have I Been P...Andinus <>3 months
pavoPavo wraps other programs with unveil & pledgeAndinus <>3 months
pictorPictor is a simple acronym expanderAndinus <>
pyxisPyxis is a simple twtxt clientAndinus <>3 weeks
fooThis is only a test!aob <>4 months
hellooh hi there, again!aob <>4 weeks
hia quick hiaob <>4 weeks
forgfile organizerdacav <>3 weeks
lspLisp playgrounddbane <>2 weeks
cfgensa's configuration filesensa <>5 weeks
stslight modification of suckless's st, branches for openbsd and linuxensa <>
todoa todo list manager in shensa <>4 months
clinteCommunity notes board for shared UNIX systemsgbmor <>3 months
getwtxttwtxt registry written in Gogbmor <>2 months
goofbotsmall IRC bot for #institutegbmor <>31 hours
old-ml-projectsJust some old ML projects2 months
yi-word-clusteringYiddish word clustering experiments2 months
myCovidCLICoronavirus CLIKneezle <>4 months
tcoinCurrency simulator on and other tildeboxes on tildeverse.orglogin <>8 weeks
Weyl-BrauerMaking Weyl-Brauer matrices with APLmarmoset <>2 months
jonesforth_arm64_aplJonesForth ARM64 with APL symbolsmarmoset <>2 months
wikiUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.3 weeks
arenaArena allocator in Cnue <>5 weeks
cgit-darkDark/light theme for cgit (using prefers-color-scheme)Paper <>2 months
chrootScript to properly setup and destroy a chroot environmentPaper <>42 hours
drist-diffSee what is different from files/ drist folder on the serverPaper <>2 months
mdrunwatch for changes in a markdown file and render HTML from itPaper <>2 months
miniiceCreate "standalone" apps from websites using firefoxPaper <>41 hours
modernized-vimModern vim colorschemePaper <>2 months
otpSimple OTP command-line scriptPaper <>2 months
peertube-dlScript to download videos from peertubePaper <>2 months
readability-cliExtract content of webpagesPaper <>2 months
recrss-dlRecRSS feed readerPaper <>6 days
recrss-wuiRecRSS Web UI clientPaper <>6 days
screenshotScript for easier screenshots on WaylandPaper <>5 weeks
tamiasLocal article archiverPaper <>2 months
fvwm_hackMinimal modularized fvwm config with script to symlink and override.ray ray@tilde.institute8 weeks
prep_htmlSimple script to generate web page from .plan & .project files.ray ray@tilde.institute3 weeks
tilde administration scriptsadmins <>6 weeks
apiAPI for querying information from tilde.institutegbmor <>3 months
instistatstilde.json generator for tilde.institutegbmor <>5 months site filesadmins <>8 weeks
wikiwiki pages from https://wiki.tilde.instituteadmins <>2 months