lines.loveAn editor for plain text where you can also seamlessly insert line drawingsKartik K. Agaram <>6 months
muSoul of a tiny new machine. More thorough tests → More comprehensible and rewr...Kartik K. Agaram <>
telivaFork of Lua 5.1 to encourage end-user programmingKartik K. Agaram <>
text.loveFork of without drawings; useful starting point for further forksKartik K. Agaram <>4 months
view.loveFork of for browsing read-only text files; useful starting point for ...Kartik K. Agaram <>3 months
aercmirror of ~rjarry's aerc fork - a pretty good email clientakspecs <>11 months
rangermirror of ranger - a simple, vim-like file managerakspecs <>5 months
split-albumsplit songs from an album or playlist contained in one file into their own filesakspecs <>11 months
fzdcd to directories with fuzzy search
eureka-marksFFXIV Eureka levelling target helperanastasie <>
www-2website, take 2anastasie <>
www-institutesource for anastasie.tilde.instituteanastasie <>
MyMedMemoirDecentralized Medical RecordsAndinus <>14 months
antliaAntlia is a text based Rock paper scissors gameAndinus <>18 months
aocMy solutions for Advent of CodeAndinus <>4 days
araAra is a simple cli program that prints Covid-19 statsAndinus <>20 months
caelumCaelum is a text based Cee-lo gameAndinus <>18 months
cetusCetus is a simple wallpaper setting tool written in GoAndinus <>20 months
craterCrater is a photo galleryAndinus <>5 months
cruxCrux is a wallpaper manager written in PerlAndinus <>2 years
doradoCollection of Algorithms used in Computer GraphicsAndinus <>13 months
dracoDraco is a script to convert reddit thread to Org documentAndinus <>4 months
exercismMy solutions for Exercism exercisesAndinus <>14 months
fornaxCollection of tools to visualize Path Finding AlgorithmsAndinus <>12 months
grusGrus is a simple word unjumbler written in GoAndinus <>23 months
indusIndus is a simple clipboard summarizer written in GoAndinus <>22 months
lacertaLacerta parses WhatsApp exported logsAndinus <>16 months
leoLeo is a simple backup programAndinus <>23 months
lynxLynx is a simple unveil(2) & pledge(2) wrapperAndinus <>23 months
lyraLyra is a simple cli program to manage fortune filesAndinus <>2 years
octansOctans is a program to solve Algot's Wordplay (Wordsearch) puzzlesAndinus <>11 months
orionOrion is a simple program to check for compromised passwords using Have I Been P...Andinus <>7 weeks
pavoPavo wraps other programs with unveil & pledgeAndinus <>2 years
perseusPerseus is a simple link aggregation and discussion programAndinus <>22 months
pictorPictor is a simple acronym expanderAndinus <>2 years
pyxisPyxis is a simple twtxt clientAndinus <>2 years
taurusTaurus parses Call logsAndinus <>15 months
tucanaTucana is a program to generate puzzles like Algot's WordsearchAndinus <>22 months
velaVela is a place to share smilesAndinus <>10 months
fooThis is only a test!aob <>3 years
hellooh hi there, again!aob <>2 years
hia quick hiaob <>2 years
test.gitUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.
portable-promptportable shell prompt (busybox ash, mksh/pdksh, ksh93/2020, zsh, bash3/4/5)balou <>2 months
testUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.10 months
testtest12323 months
AdventOfCode/AdventOfCode2015solutions for 2015brinoleum <>
AdventOfCode/AdventOfCode2016solutions for 2016brinoleum
AdventOfCode/AdventOfCode2017solutions for 2017brinoleum <>
AdventOfCode/AdventOfCode2018solutions for Advent of Code 2018brinoleum <>