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December Adventure


In lieu of doing the Advent of Code I aim to do a little bit of programming every day in December.

A toot from a friend in response to my reading more about programming then actually programming:

One program (that you work on every day). If it's done in less than 31 days, you start a new one immediately. If it's not done in 31 days, you still count it 100% as a win because the goal wasn't to finish it, it was to work on it.

The goal isn't necessarily to finish a thing, but to do the thing; I've a tendancy to get stuck in a rut reading-reading-reading and not locking things into the vault with actual playtime...this is the curse of liking programing systems and languages more than the actual act of programming.

So, my goal for December is to do the damn thing -- not just read about it.


This remains an open question -- I'm thinking of a pokedex to start.