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added mention of the cache timeout for cgit, and mentioned the one-liner to add the repo owner to the config. suggested by ~yeti.HEADmaster
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@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@ bundled into `.tar.gz` archives and listed on the summary page.
All repos can be viewed at
+**Note:** If a change doesn't appear in cgit immediately, wait a few
+minutes. The cache will time out.
## Creating the directory
New users will not have to do this step. A `~/public_repos` link will
@@ -51,15 +54,22 @@ Change into *that* directory and initialize a bare repo:
cd foo.git; git init --bare
-Now that the bare repo has been created, edit the file called `config`
-and append the following section:
+Now that the bare repo has been created, we'll need to set some configuration
+options. You may use this command from within the directory you just created:
+git config --local gitweb.owner "$USER <$USER@tilde.institute>"
+Or, you may manually edit the file called `config` and append the following
owner = user_name <user_name@tilde.institute>
-Write out the text description of your repo into a file called
+Then, write out the text description of your repo into a file called